Interim Management

Interim Management Ernelplus

Transition Management. Business Project Management

We provide bespoke INTERIM MANAGEMENT solutions to improve your companies response time to client and market led change. Our executive directors are available under fixed-term contracts to lead specific business projects, manage change or to supplement existing management resources within your company.

As a concept, INTERIM MANAGEMENT originated in the Netherlands at the end of the 1980’s and was extensively used during the German Reunification Process by the Assets Privatization Agency in the 1990’s. More recently, the practice has also been widely adopted within the United Kingdom and Scandinavia.

Our Interim Managers hold the leadership and requisite management skills to sort out complex business situations throughout the course of the crisis period, business transformation or changes in the company, as well as guaranteeing stability and business continuity.


We generate added value for your company. The main benefits of hiring our services and solutions are, as follows:

  1. Our Interim Management services are regulated under the terms and conditions of the commercial agreement; it is not an employment contract. This implies a significant cost savings for companies.
  2. The scope of our services and the timeframe is jointly defined with the company, taking into consideration all expected eventualities which, in turn, becomes a variable cost for your company.
  3. Our interim managers ensure speed of action and flexibility, proven experience, productivity and commitment to execute a specific mission in an orderly manner, instilling stability in your company.
  4. Companies benefit from high-quality resources that are not available in their structure, but are an excellent productive addition to your existing management team.
  5. Your company will gain access to our Lessons Learned booklet: a compilation register of how we overcome business complexities.
  6. Our interim managers will transfer their knowledge, management skills and areas of expertise, which will last in your company even after the business mission be successfully completed.