Operations Optimization: LEAN MANAGEMENT

Operations Optimization: LEAN MANAGEMENT

The concept of LEAN MANAGEMENT was developed for maximizing the resource utilization through minimization of waste: Operations Optimization.

Afterwards, LEAN was formulated in response to the fluctuating and competitive business environment. Due to rapidly changing business environment the organizations are forced to face challenges and complexities. Any organization whether manufacturing or service oriented to survive may ultimately depend on its ability to systematically and continuously respond to these changes for enhancing the product value. Therefore, value adding process is necessary to achieve this perfection.

ERNEL+ provide assistance and guidance throughout the course of the lifecycle until the mission be completed. Hence, implementing  LEAN MANAGEMENT is becoming a core competency for any type of organizations to sustain and it  requires the assistance of seasoned  Senior Directors (Interim Managers) for a successful implementation whilst the organisation  will be focusing on all  aspects such as Value Stream Mapping (VSM),Cellular Manufacturing (CM), U-line system, Line Balancing, Inventory control, Single Minute Exchange of Dies (SMED), Pull System, Kanban, Production Levelling etc.,

Whilst there  is likelihood of  a manufacturer getting the opportunity to build a facility from the ground up; typically, LEAN MANAGEMENT  is introduced into an existing plant and optimal layouts are constrained by any of several factors: inconveniently placed walls or immovable equipment, for example. It has to be highlighted that some mayor benefits to firms are, as follows:

  • The layout maximizes flow, with raw materials entering one end of the building and exiting the other.
  • A key raw materials supplier is located nearby, shortening the supply chain.
  • A production wheel approach to scheduling allows the plant to be more efficient with changeovers and clean-outs.
  • New packaging technologies provide better stacking capabilities and create more ergonomically friendly handling.
  • New production technologies allow for finer control and tolerances in this highly automated facility.

It goes without saying that  engaging with employees  is the key factor for LEAN MANAGEMENT to succeed. Engagement is the primary driver of improvement across the company .  ERNEL+ is ready to assit to your firm. Are your company in need of help??