Investment & management

As a result of our alliance with Future Plus, and in order to assist our clients with their strategy growth, we present their Investment Funds Vehicle (SGEIC) which operates in the venture capital market under the legal auspices of the Spanish Finance Regulations Institution (CNMV) as well as in accordance with the best international practices.

Future Plus operate investing in new projects or SMEs through venture capital funds, thus being a fund raiser as well as your Partner in dealing with M&A processes along with managing the mandate to sell & purchase companies given our vast experience in conducting Due Diligence practices in the technology market.

Below is a comprehensive 5-step description on the investment process, as follows:

1. Opportunity identification

We select technology-related companies with high growth potentials (Annual Growth Rate >20%), subject to the companies already having a Minimum Viable Product (MVP) and a portfolio of customers.

2. Prudent investment

We select companies that are globally scalable and have a qualified senior management team, highly committed to the project.

3. Follow-up

We take part in the business administration of the company as part of the senior management team, assisting the entrepreneur with his growth strategy together with close monitoring of the business activities.

4. Generating added value

The venture capital funds are geared towards adding value to the companies on which we invest by means of technology leverage, thus making them grow internationally and connecting the company with the funds raiser’s ecosystem.

5. Return on Investment

We focus on high yield companies, with return on investment (RoI) rate in the order of magnitude of 15-30% ; the time frame and investment horizon are pre-determined along with a clear exit strategy in place.