DIGITAL TRANSFORMATION: a way to significantly improve the Business productivity

DIGITAL TRANSFORMATION:  a way to significantly improve  the  Business productivity

With no doubts, Digital Transformation is creating disruption for SMEs  worlwide by means of  significantly improving the Business productivity and efficiency whereas  traditional business models are challanged notably.

This non-stoppable change requires of  Senior Director (Interim Managers) to drive the revolution successfully. ERNEL+  assist companies with their challanges ahead, working shoulder-to-shoulder with firms until the business mission be completed.

It goes without saying that, Business models based on a digital platform involve less admin and clerical staff, are more responsive, and allow a wider product base. The digitalisation practice is now embedded within many sectors, taking the lead on  the modernization and business efficiency enhacement across the rainbow of business types.

Likewise, the digital businesses all have one thing in common- they are actually challanging the traditional high street models with  more efficient business practices. Many firms are embracing the digital side to complement the in-store experience whilst there is  yet room for further changes.

” At least 35% of all kind of businesses will die in the next 10-12 years if they do not figure out how to change their entire company to accommodate new technologies”, Chairman of Cisco Systems concluded in a recent Technology gathering celebrated in London.

While many firms might not have the capacity to deal with online orders or even have the knowledge to switch to a dedicated digital platform, there are benefits to be had from becoming a little more switched on.

Even the smallest company, which may feel that analytics are beyond its needs, can surely benefit from reduced paperwork, less manpower,  and the ability to run its finance digitally. Whilst one simple App may seem like nothing in the tsunami of digitalisation facing businesses today, each one represents a way of adopting a powerful digital tool  to modernize the business operations and improve their perfomance nowadays.

ERNEL+ provide bespoke management solutions to companies so as  to compete in the new business scenarios.